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Post  Watta Reel Drag on Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:03 am

General site rules

1. Be nice to other members. Any name calling or general nastiness will not be tolerated

2. Be tolerant of all other users. Remember, we have members of all ages and levels of experience and enthusiasm, of different nationalities, religions and cultures. Rude or racist remarks and hurtfully sarcastic comments will be deleted and you will be penalised. Bear in mind that a sarcastic comment that an adult would laugh at may be hurtful to a young member.

3. No swearing or cursing, this includes trying to bypass the installed filter by making variations to words. If the filter alters words in your post to ‘*****’, then edit the post immediately and change the offending word.

4. Keep all content clean and tasteful. No nudity, violence, religious slurs, etc. If it may be offensive to another member, don't post it. This also applies to avatars and signatures.

5. No flooding of the forums. Posts must be meaningful and not waste the time of other site users.
Posts must remain on the topic of the thread. Leave all non-fishing related posts within the "Chit Chat" forum, in which you can talk about anything you wish (within guidelines left to the discretion of the Moderators/Administrators).

6. No member may post on behalf of any member who has been banned from this site.
Before submitting copyrighted material on the site, ensure you have the author's permission. Quote the author's name and website at the beginning or end of the article. This applies to images too.

7. There is a limit of one membership per person. Multiple people in the same household can have an account each (after Administrator approval), but accounts created for any other purpose will be deleted. Note that if a member is suspended, all other accounts in that household may also be suspended.

8. Every member must have a valid, working email address registered on this site. This address does not have to be displayed for all users to see, but it must be valid. Admin guarantee that the email address will not be disseminated to any third party and will only be used for administrative purposes. Any change of email address should be updated as soon as possible on the system.

9. Do not post public feuds or arguments in the forums. If you have a problem with another member, then PM them directly or lodge a complaints with an Admin/moderator.

10. If you have a problem with the way the site is run or the action taken by Moderators/Administrators, then you must message mod/admin to discuss the matter. We will not tolerate open criticism of the site or the way it is run in any of our forums. Nor will we tolerate any criticisms of the Moderators/Administrators.

11. There is to be no negative feedback of sponsors, businesses that are or are not associated with us (like tackle shops), members of the site or other similar discussion forum on the web. Likewise, promoting similar discussion forums is also not permitted without prior approval from Administrator. (See also the Advertising Rules)

12. No member may make a post or thread that encourages others to break any law, or promotes illegal activity (for example, keeping undersize catch or illegal netting etc)

13. Members and sponsors require the explicit permission of the site Administrators should they wish to run a competition on here such as an auction or other prize charity. Only registered charities with the explicit permission of the site Administrators may collect money using "Fishing Central" as an advertising medium.

14. Members may "bump" their posts no more than once every 72 hours. A "bump" post is defined as a post added by the thread starter that does not add any meaningful information to the existing thread.

"Shop and Swap" Forum Rules

1. Members may not post items on behalf of other members or non-members without Moderator/Administrator approval.

2. No simple linking to other classified ads. If you have listed your item somewhere else, please have the decency to include a full description at our site also rather then a link to your other ad. Links to Ebay listings are allowed however..

3. No selling of anything illegal. State rules may differ so things like casting nets are fine to sell.

4. No unauthorised auctioning or selling within non "Show and Swap" forums is permitted.

5. A member has the right to notify others once of his web site (unless the site is a discussion forum similar to "Fishing Central" – see next Rule). Any further promotion will be counted as advertising and members who do this will have their post deleted and be offered banner ads or site sponsorship.

6. If a member decides to build their own site with an operating forum similar to ours, any advertising must be discussed with an Administrator and approved first.

7. Any promotion and advertisement of businesses must be approved by Administrator.
Members are not permitted to advertise any businesses in their signature, avatar or username. This includes the use of any graphics, links, email addresses or slogans directly associated with such businesses unless discussed with admin prior.

8. Admin/Mods will inforce punishment as they see fit. All problem issues will be discussed with the mods prior to action being taken. Penalties may be as minor as a simple warning or as harsh as account deletion.

Tight lines & screaming reels.
Regards John
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